This OnePlus AI Music Studio platform allows users to craft lyrics, seamlessly blend them with AI-generated beats, and witness their musical vision come to life.AI 

Create Music Magic with OnePlus AI Music Studio – Now in India!

Chinese tech giant OnePlus has launched OnePlus AI Music Studio, its own AI tool that allows users to create their own music using AI. OnePlus’ new AI music studio is available for users worldwide, including India. Users can register using their email addresses.

What is OnePlus AI Music Studio?

According to the company, the OnePlus AI Music Studio is a transformative space that provides an immersive environment for music enthusiasts to explore their creative potential. This new AI tool offers a range of genres including rap, hip-hop and EDM, and empowers users to become composers.

OnePlus AI Music Studio: How it works

– With this OnePlus AI Music Studio platform, users can create lyrics, seamlessly combine them with AI-generated beats, and see their musical vision come to life.

– Studio offers a visually stunning user interface that culminates in the creation of captivating music videos, all within easy reach of the user.

– It allows users to share their compositions with the world and invite them to upload their masterpieces and showcase their masterpieces on various social media platforms.

– In addition, the platform offers a channel for identification, whereby the songs of users are voted for the top places and possibly for the presentation of OnePlus.

How to create your own music with OnePlus AI Music Studio

Visit the OnePlus AI Music Studio website, sign in or create a new account for free, choose your genre, mood and music video theme, describe the mood of your song, let AI create the content with the push of a button, check the generated lyrics and share your creation with anyone.

OnePlus AI Music Studio: How to win prizes

To promote the new AI service, OnePlus has launched a contest for users in India, North America and Europe. The company plans to select 100 participants from these regions. To participate, users must submit their music to the company by December 17 at 5 p.m

Winners chosen by OnePlus will receive coupons that can be redeemed for products on the company’s website. OnePlus allows users to submit multiple entries, but any entries that contain offensive or inappropriate content or violate copyright laws will be rejected.

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