The company launched Aria AI with Opera One a few months ago.Gaming 

Opera’s Gaming Browser Equipped with Artificial Intelligence ‘Assistant’

Opera has released an updated version of its browser for gamers, incorporating the same generative AI capabilities that were introduced with its One browser. The company initially introduced its Aria AI with the One browser in June, and later extended it to its Android browser. However, the GX browser for gamers did not have AI capabilities until now. With the latest update, GX users now have the option to utilize Aria’s features by enabling “Early Bird” in settings and activating “Aria Extension” and “Aria Command Line”. Additionally, users will need to log into their Opera account, as required in other versions of the browser.

However, when they activate the AI, they get a new command prompt that they can type ctrl+ / on Windows or cmd+ / on Mac to display an overlay of them interacting with Aria. They can then ask Aria questions through an overlay, which they can also launch from the sidebar. Opera said users can ask questions related to Aria games, such as “Is [a certain game] finally released yet?” and “How can I start my streaming career?” Of course, users can easily find the answers to these questions by using a search engine the old fashioned way, but Aria offers an in-browser option similar to Edge’s AI co-pilot.

In addition, users can take advantage of Aria’s AI Prompt feature by highlighting any text in the browser to bring up contextual information. When Opera introduced its browser’s creative AI features, it included examples of Aria turning chunks of text on a page into soap opera dialogue or quiz questions. Aria AI is now available in over 180 countries, so most people can use it on GX and Opera’s One browsers. Those interested can download the browser for gamers if they want to try it out from Opera’s website.

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