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Opera unveils ChatGPT-powered integrated AI side panel “Aria”

Web browser company Opera has announced a new artificial intelligence side panel for its browser called “Aria” that works with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Aria gives users access to creative AI services for free. “Aria is both a web and browser expert that lets you collaborate with AI when you search the web, generate text or code, or get answers to your product queries,” Opera said in a blog post Wednesday. The new feature is currently available for testing. In addition, the company said Aria is based on its “Composer” infrastructure and…

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The company stated that it intends to announce more AI-powered features in the future, powered by its own GPT-based model. News 

Opera Adds ChatGPT, AI summarization features to its browser: Learn more

Web browser company Opera announced Wednesday that it is adding AI-powered features to its Opera and Opera GX desktop browsers — namely AI prompts and sidebar access to ChatGPT and ChatSonic to transform users’ browsing experience. According to the company, these new tools will be available early on all desktop platforms. AI Prompts, a native feature of the Opera browser, helps users shorten or explain long confusing text to them, whether it’s a paragraph, an entire article, or even a website. “AI prompts are available by highlighting text or directly…

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The parent company of Opera has made the big reveal this week but has not given more details about the integration. News 

Like Microsoft, Opera is now ready to bring ChatGPT to its products

Opera is set to enter the AI ​​chatbot arena by using the popular ChatGPT in its products. The integration will happen later this year, and the company hasn’t exactly talked about its plans for the AI ​​chatbot. The fact that Opera wants to use ChatGPT’s features hardly comes as a surprise. This is due to the vote of confidence Microsoft has given to Open AI by investing billions and recently integrating ChatGPT with Bing and the Microsoft Edge browser. Opera’s parent company, Kunlun Tech, confirmed this plan, saying that all…

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