Google is working on its own version of satellite tech for Pixel phones and Garmin could be its partner going by the new details.News 

Android Devices Could Receive Satellite Connectivity Through Google and Garmin Partnership

Google is preparing to announce the Android 14 version, probably with the launch of the Pixel 8 series in the coming months.

And people are eager to see if the company will follow in Apple’s footsteps to support satellite connectivity on Android, as mentioned in reports earlier this year. It is now suggested that Google is relying on one of the first companies to offer satellite connectivity on a device, which is Garmin.

Hints of this partnership have been spotted in the code of the latest Google Messages app this week by a developer named Neil Rahmouni, who notes that the Google Messages app could soon offer emergency calling features that work mostly in remote parts of the world. where mobile networks are not available.

Apple has partnered with Globalstar on the iPhone 14 satellite technology, which has already made an impact by helping people stuck in dead zones and allowing them to connect to the emergency center through a messaging service.

Using Google and Garmin on the technology makes sense as it helps the company enter the segment, which helps them optimize the feature using Garmin’s expertise in satellite technology that has been deployed in its wearables for many years.

The fact that traces of Garmin’s feature have been seen in the app’s code does not mean that Google will eventually use it in the public version as well. That being said, we’ve heard rumblings of Android 14 bringing the satellite feature, so Google and Garmin’s interaction for technology doesn’t seem so strange anymore.

We have to wait for Google to officially confirm that this development is real, and we might have a few months before the new Pixel 8 series is released, which is usually around October every year. Samsung is another brand that could introduce satellite technology in a future version of Android and offer it in the premium Galaxy S series phones, especially the Ultra model.

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