Microsoft has invested billions in OpenAI which has given it access to ChatGPT and its latest features.News 

Microsoft Halts Use of ChatGPT: No More AI-Powered Chats for Employees!

Microsoft and OpenAI have been wholehearted in their focus on building and growing the value of ChatGPT. However, the Windows maker reportedly blocked its employees from accessing the AI chatbot earlier this week due to some major concerns. Microsoft is a company that invested more than $10 billion in OpenAI, which has given it access to the latest versions and features of ChatGPT since its public release. In fact, Microsoft has used AI in its Bing Search and Edge browsers, which has made them popular among users in a short period of time.

But the company had to suspend access briefly on Thursday for privacy and security reasons, as reported by CNBC.

The company isn’t saying exactly what the security concerns were, but it’s not surprising to see Microsoft take on this request for the sake of its employees and business. Earlier this year, Samsung and other tech companies ordered their employees to use ChatGPT for work purposes because it could reveal and even leak confidential information on the Internet.

Just because Microsoft is an OpenAI partner doesn’t mean it’s immune to potential threats from AI chatbots, especially as the technology continues to evolve and more data is fed into the system.

And since the company hasn’t shared the exact details of the shutdown, we can assume that Microsoft found some leaks at the end that needed to be fixed, and blocking ChatGPT was probably the only way to fix the problem. OpenAI recently hosted its developer event where it introduced the next phase of ChatGPT, including the opportunity for other developers to build their own AI models similar to ChatGPT.

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