Facebook’s new logo includes a darker shade of blue, along with a tweaked lowercase “f”. (Facebook)News 

Spot the Difference: Has Facebook Updated Its Logo?

A major rebranding process took place a few months ago for X, formerly known as Twitter, as the company made efforts to change its name and logo. The iconic Larry the Bird was replaced with a user-created X logo. This rebranding was a significant move by a prominent tech company. In a less noticeable change, Facebook also made adjustments to its logo yesterday. While it went unnoticed by most, a few observant Facebook users spotted the subtle alteration. Were you one of them?

Facebook’s new logo

In an effort to update the platform’s “identity system”, Meta has modified Facebook’s logo. It’s not as groundbreaking as X replacing its bird logo. The change involves only a subtle adjustment here and there. So if you haven’t seen the new logo, why not head over to the Facebook app to see what’s changed? Also bring a magnifying glass. Know that Facebook wants you to know that these are “significant changes.”

Dave N., Facebook’s director of design, said in a blog post: “The goal of our work was to broaden our foundation and create a defining mark for our brand that anchors Facebook’s identity system. We wanted to ensure that the updated logo felt familiar, yet dynamic, polished and elegant in execution. Thanks to these subtle but significant changes we were able to achieve optical balance on the forward motion.”

What is change?

The small letter f in the logo has been slightly modified, and the background of the logo is a darker shade of blue. The font is still Facebook Sans. It makes the “f” stand out more. In addition? Nothing. This is the only change Meta has implemented with the “new” Facebook logo. Meta says this is part of the first phase of “Facebook’s revamped identity system.”

Explaining this change, Meta announced in a blog post on Wednesday: “Our intention was to create an updated design from the Facebook logo that is bolder, more electric and timeless. Each distinctive, new enhancement adds harmony to the overall design as a key element of the app’s identity.”

Meta also announced that it has updated the color palette of reactions in the Facebook app to bring more dimension and emotion to reactions.

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