Smartphone battery life is a concern for many people but thankfully you can extend the support with some clever tips.News 

8 Tips To Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer – Get Ready To Maximize Your Battery Life!

You can’t stay away from your smartphone these days. You need it to browse the internet, book a taxi, order food and even make payments. Putting the phone through all that stress has a direct impact on battery life, which people have tried to compensate for with fast charging technology.

However, people would still like to get more juice out of the phone’s battery without it going through the final percentage. Fortunately, tech companies have tweaked software that can have a positive impact on battery life as long as you follow basic hygiene steps to get the right support.

8 ways to extend your phone’s battery life

Get the latest operating system version

You might consider this a basic phone, but some of you might skip a new OS update or even a firmware version that can help your phone improve performance. Most of the updates from these companies come with a changelog, which usually has information on how to fix battery drain issues. So, the next time you see a message pop-up, update your phone right away.

Use location tracking only when necessary

Apps like Uber, Maps and others need access to your phone’s location. Even Instagram needs it for tagging. But there are many other apps that don’t need access, and you can make sure through the settings that the use of location tracking is limited to only those apps that really need it. For all other applications, you can block or allow access only with your consent. The location is tracked using a GPS sensor, which consumes a lot of battery, so limiting its use extends battery life.

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth does not have to be on all the time

Many of you don’t realize it, but the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons keep flashing unless you turn them off. So let’s get to work and using mobile data you can keep Wi-Fi off, the same goes for Bluetooth. Keeping the sensors on means the sensors are working in overdrive trying to connect you to the nearest device. Turn them off and save your phone’s battery.

Screen brightness dimmed

Monitors today have become very powerful with support for higher resolutions and high refresh rates. They have a stern warning that the higher the prices, the more battery will be consumed. So we recommend you to enable auto brightness on your phone and also try to maximize the screen with energy saving tool.

Use dark space

Google has championed dark mode, claiming that the feature can help you use about 10 percent more of your phone’s battery. Phones coming out now tend to have OLED panels, which can benefit from enabling dark mode to improve efficiency.

Turn off Push Notifications

Phones constantly alert you to breaking news, messages and more. But you don’t have to enable all of them, which saves your phone’s battery from the strain caused by these push notifications. For most people, these alerts are not that critical, so we recommend that you keep them off and probably use them whenever needed.

Do not let it heat up

Phones consume power, and this pushes the chipset under the hood to churn out heat. You’ll notice this happens when the phone is pushed to its limits during intense gaming or charging. Most companies advise you to stop using the phone or charge it when the temperature is above the normal level. And following these tips can preserve the health of your phone’s battery.

Activate power saving mode

And yes, it goes without saying that using power saver mode is to extend your phone’s battery life, as it disables all power-hungry features, including push notifications, Wi-Fi, and location.

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